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JM-601B Automatic double-head crimping & Single plug shell
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JM-601B Automatic double-head crimping & Single plug shell machine, using precision servo drive rigid structure, PC man-machine interface digital control, production management is more convenient. JM-601B can produce wire harness length from 45mm to 9999mm, lines color selection (customized), from # 18mm wire number #28.

Main functions: 
The wire is cut off at a fixed length, stripped at both ends, crimped at both ends, and single end insertion. 
Support non-standard customization, but also can flexibly expand a number of additional functions: twist, solder, waterproof tube, heat shrinkable pipe, number pipe.

日精智能 全自动双头打端 单头插壳机
JM-601B Automatic single end terminal insertion machine with double end crimping

JM-601B optional with pressure monitoring system and CCD image detection system, can online display product images and crimping curve, then comparative analysis, if the crimping is not good, it will issue an alarm and automatically sort out defective products.
The quality control of the whole processing process greatly saves the labor cost, ensures the product quality and improves the production efficiency.


JM-601B Parameter:
全自动端子机 技术参数

Wire Harness Cases:

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