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The 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition Will Open Soon - JMK Intelligence Invites You To Participate In The Event.
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Munich Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition is an important exhibition and exchange platform for the electronics manufacturing industry. JMK Intelligence will be exhibited at Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 13 to 15, 2023 [Booth No.: 3716]. Warmly welcome to visit and participate in the event. Lets talk about innovation and cooperation!


JMK Intelligence, specializing in automotive wire harness processing equipment solutions, R & D and manufacturing. Provide customers with innovative wire harness processing equipment such as pneumatic card mold, automatic crimping machine, terminal shell inserting machine, FAKRA wire harness automation production line, Ethernet intelligent production line, new energy high voltage wire intelligent all-in-one machine, non-standard automation, etc., and provide various processing modules such as CCD vision system and terminal pressure monitoring system, as well as standardized and customer non-standard customization solutions, combining industrial 4.0and intelligent factory ideas. 
To meet the demand of high precision terminal connection automation equipment in automobile / electronics field.


The Munich Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition, with a scale of 73000 square meters this year, brings together many creation technologies and scientific products of the global intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation industry chain, as well as excellent intelligent production solutions and strong technology systems. The exhibits cover the entire electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain, including electronic assembly automation, automotive wire harness processing equipment, wire harness processing and connector manufacturing, electronic manufacturing services, new energy and automotive technology, automotive PLC industrial control system, new energy vehicle inspection technology, intelligent factory, motion control and drive technology, industrial sensors, components manufacturing, robot and intelligent storage, electronic chemical materials and other application fields.


With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry, the new energy and automotive technology series theme plates newly planned and launched at the 2023 Munich-Shanghai Electronic production equipment Exhibition focus on new energy and automotive electronic applications, it will bring more opportunities for industries such as industrial control and wire harness processing. Wire harness manufacturing will focus on industry 4.0 and continue to develop in the direction of intelligent and digital factories. Automatic production can make better use of resources, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. This also promotes the development of the automotive industry and technological changes. In the future, automotive wiring harness products will develop in the direction of high voltage, lightweight, standardization, modularization and integration, and also bring a new round of technological innovation to the automotive wiring harness industry.

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2023.4.13-15丨Shanghai of China丨JMK Intelligence invites you to visit.
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Hall. N3)
Booth Number:3716

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