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How to judge the quality of automatic wire harness machine?
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Automatic wire harness machine is widely used, which are more or less the same in appearance, there are many manufacturers How to judge whether an automatic wire harness machine is good or bad? It is difficult for customers to judge directly from the appearance. Although they have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of wire harness machines, the key to ensuring the quality of an equipment lies in the internal structure, which can not be easily understood by laymen. Here Shenzhen JMK briefly introduces how to check the quality of wire harness machines.

automatic wire harness machine

Double End Insertion Processing Automatic Wire Harness Machine

How to check the quality of wire harness machine.

the materials and configuration of the parts.

First of all, look at the materials and configuration of the parts, which can determine whether the terminal machine is easy to use. How long will it last? At present, the main configuration of the wire harness machine is as follows:

1. The motion part is mainly servo motor, stepper motor, closed-loop motor, a good configuration must be a high proportion of servo motor, or full servo control m. 
2. Then there are screws and sliders. This good screw and slider can ensure the moving accuracy and durability of this terminal. 
3. And the materials of the terminal crimping machine must be enough, if the terminal machine is relatively light, or the structural size, material, and material inside are unreasonable, then this machine can be used for a year or two at most. If it is poor, it only takes one or two months for the crimping strength of the terminal machine to be deep and shallow, and there is no way to process the line that requires quality.

Second, Research and development capability.

1. For a wire harness machine manufacturer with R & D capability, it is also very convenient if there are specific functions that need to be modified. For example, if buying this machine with a large amount of wire harness, over a period of time, the order quantity of another line is too large, and the cost of buying another equipment is too high. The previous equipment can only be idle, so manufacturers with R & D capabilities may only need to refit and upgrade the equipment to become another machine. 

2. There are many models in the terminal machine factory with strong R & D ability. A large-scale wire harness factory can not only need a single function of equipment, if the purchase of equipment from multiple manufacturers, supplier management will be relatively troublesome. 

3. In addition, it goes without saying that a terminal machine manufacturer does not have its own R & D capability, and the model is plagiarized, so there is no guarantee for the stability and after-sales ability of the equipment.

The after-sales service ability of the manufacturer. 

Although there are relatively few good wire harness machines after sale, there are times when good equipment needs to be sold after sale. for example, some functions of the new models are not familiar with, and they are not very good at using the abnormal machines caused by them. If the equipment has been used for a long time and the parts are damaged, it needs to be replaced or repaired.

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