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The biggest difference about automatic wire harness machine
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Automatic wire harness machine integrates all the production processes of integrated circuit, servo driver, manipulator, detection signal and wire harness processing. it integrates wire cutting, stripping, terminal crimping, connector insertion, as well as soldering, tinning, waterproof hydrant, numbering tube insertion, heat shrinkage tube and so on.

automatic wire harness machine

Automatic Wire Harness Machine - JM-600 - Shenzhen JMK

The characteristic of automatic wire harness machine.

Automatic wire harness machine usually adopts servo drive mechanism and PLC numerical control system, which is highly automated and integrated without manual operation, which can effectively reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency. A large number of manual operations can be saved when running, as long as the working mode and parameters are set by the computer, a working signal is given to the server and transmitted to the driving motor through a series of components, and the fully automatic terminal machine can form a cyclic action to start and stop the work. The whole workflow is fully automated, which is more efficient and labor-saving than the semi-automatic wire harness machine.

wire harness assembly

Displayed Sample of Wire Harness Assembly Processing

Other configurations of automatic harness machine

Automatic wire harness machine can also integrate pressure monitoring system and CCD visual inspection system to display product images and crimping force curves in real time, make comparative analysis, give an alarm and automatically sort out defective products when crimping is bad. The quality control of the whole processing process greatly saves the labor cost, ensures the product quality and improves the production efficiency.

automatic wire harness machine

automatic wire harness machine

About Semi-automatic wire harness machine

Semi-automatic wire harness machine, the common one is desktop mute terminal machine, which is small in size and simple in structure. The operation is operated by a foot-type power-off clutch device, which controls the action of the machine hitting the terminal by the way of artificial foot stepping, the processing action of the semi-automatic terminal machine is only hitting the terminal, and the wire rod also needs manual wire feed, and the work efficiency is lower than that of the automatic wire harness machine. Suitable for all kinds of complex shielding wires, multi-core wires, separate terminal steps.

semi-automatic wire harness machinesemi-automatic wire harness machine

Semi-automatic Wire harness Machine

Why choose automatic wire harness machine?

Semi-automatic wire harness machine is relatively economical and is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises. However, with the advance of Industrial 4.0, fully automatic wire harness machine has become the main equipment of wire harness processing enterprises. Wire harness production and processing itself is a labor-intensive industry. With the change of labor market, labor costs are becoming higher and higher, forcing enterprises to increase production costs. Intelligence is the inevitable trend of the development of enterprises in the future. Pay attention to JMK - EsunQ Intelligence and learn more about wire harness automatic processing equipment.

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