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Safety precautions of automatic crimping machine - JMK
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Automatic crimping machine is a kind of wire harness processing equipment which integrates function of cable cutting, stripping, crimping and other moving part. It adopts multi-axis linkage mechanical structure, if the automatic crimping machine is not used properly, the running machinery may cause personal injury such as bumping, pinch, stamping, cutting, winding and so on. Therefore, when using a fully automatic terminal machine, safety precautions and production specifications should be strictly observed.

automatic crimping machine

High Speed Automatic Crimping Machine - JM-555A

Safety is not only the intangible assets and benefits of the enterprise, but also the fundamental guarantee to safeguard the interests of the enterprise and employees. Therefore, enterprises should attach great importance to and seriously do a good job of production safety, constantly strengthen the management system of production safety, prevent all kinds of production safety accidents, and ensure the stability of production safety.

wire harness assembly

Wire Harness Assembly Processing

Safety precautions of fully automatic crimping machine:

1. It is forbidden to open the shield while the machine is running, and it is strictly forbidden to probe into the machine. Around the moving parts of the machine, people are in danger of being pinched.

2. In the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment, should first stop the operation of the equipment, disconnect the power supply, gas source can be carried out.

3. When repair and maintenance is carried out by more than two personnel, be sure to greet each other to confirm safety before operation and beware of misstarting.

4. The power supply must be reliably grounded to avoid electric shock injury to the operator due to electrical failure.

crimping station

What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the automatic crimping machine?

When changing the terminal and cutter of the automatic crimping machine, the power supply must be disconnected first, and then the replacement operation must be carried out, and the locking screws must be checked accordingly to make sure that there is no loosening, and it is strictly forbidden to operate in the operation of the machine. It is necessary to understand some common problems of fully automatic crimping machine. Only in this way can we better deal with some unexpected situations that may occur during the use of the equipment and have better operation skills.

Do a good job in equipment maintenance regularly, check whether the parts of the automatic crimping machine are working properly, whether all connectors and fasteners are loose, ensure that the safety protection devices of the equipment are complete and reliable, and clean up the environmental hygiene around the machine, eliminate unsafe factors in time, and ensure that the next time you use the fully automatic crimping machine, it will not cause safety accidents because of leftovers and other hidden dangers.

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